What Is It?

Condoms are one of the most popular forms of birth control out there.

How Does It Work?

They slip over the penis to prevent pregnancy and lower the risk of STIs by keeping sperm inside the condom and out of the vagina. After sex, you would just take the condom off the penis and dispose of the condom.

How Do I Get Condoms?

One of the best things about condoms is that they’re sold pretty much everywhere, which makes them super convenient and easy to get.

You can get condoms from drugstores, Planned Parenthood health centers, community health centers, doctor’s offices, supermarkets, convenience stores, online, and even from vending machines. You don’t need a prescription and there are no age restrictions anybody can buy condoms.

How Much $$$?

On average, condoms cost about a dollar each, but it may be less or more depending on the brand, store, and package — most of the time larger packs end up being a better value. Boxes of 3 go for about $2 to $6. In packages of 12 or more, condoms usually cost less than $1 each.

Is It Effective?

Condoms and female condoms are the only methods of birth control that also help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Even if you’re already using a different kind of birth control to avoid pregnancy, it’s a good idea to also use condoms or female condoms every time you have sex to protect yourself from STDs.

What Are The Side Effects?

The more comfortable and confident you are using condoms, the easier it’ll be to put one on in the heat of the moment


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